Friday Night Linkblogging

March 25, 2011

A couple of maybes in the pre-ordering of comics:

  • If Michael Kaluta was drawing the entire series, I’d gobble up the Fearsome Foursome mini from Marvel despite having affinity for none of the characters.
  • And if Chris Giarrrusso was writing and illustrating all of Hulk-Sized Mini-Hulks, that’d be on the buy list.
  • I’m lacking details, but I’m pretty excited about a new Lois Lane title – Lois Lane and the Resistance.  Disappointed that its tied to the Flashpoint megacrossover from DC, I’ll take my Lois however I can get her.

I mentioned missing out on the first wave of Ryan Dunleavy’s Ten Buck Commissions, and I did again! Now waiting for wave three.

Last year I started out with my own version of an NCAA bracket of Superheroes and Villains.  It was a ton of work!  So this year, I’m leaving the heavy lifting to our friends at Comic Book Resources.

Very excited about the news of a new creative team for Daredevil – Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, and Marcos Martin.  As Waid described it – this Daredevil won’t drive you to drink.  I’d buy anything done by Marcos and Waid is a top notch writer.  Rivera is always solid and has one of the best blogs about process out there –

Loving Colleen Coover’s classic and mod Wonder Women.


Friday Night Linkblogging

March 4, 2011

I don’t usually post eBay auctions, but I was so struck by this Wonder Woman commission by Art Adams.  I’m pretty sure this is what they mean by a badonkadonk.

A terrific interview with Kurt Busiek by colorist supreme Chris Sotomayor is up.  Smart and insightful into the comic industry – which isn’t surprising given the track record of these two.

I missed out on getting in on Ryan Dunleavy’s Ten Buck Commissions, but at least we can live vicariously through his Tumblr site.  Love the sense of fun and energy in even his most evil characters.

And if you haven’t been checking out ComicTwart routinely, you’ve been missing out on the addition of Dave Johnson and perhaps the best Twart yet – Plastic Man!

I don’t know much about Kevin Mellon, but he is clearly a talented man with discerning taste!  Love this Modesty Blaise sketch.

Does anyone else think the BK Stuffed Burger look like horrible and completely unappetizing.

I. will. buy. anything. by. Cliff. Chiang.  More of his genius can be seen here with his latest album cover homage.

Wish I was going to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle.  Just a great line-up this weekend.

Friday Night Linkblogging

February 25, 2011

Have I mentioned you can follow me on Twitter at @HooperTriplett?

I think I’ve already mentioned my love of maps (something about the mix of words and pictures), and although it doesn’t exactly qualify I’m half tempted to buy Chris Sprouse’s layout of the Legion Meeting Room.

Speaking of Chris Sprouse, has anyone ever read Number of the Beast?

As an avowed online “window shopper” I love to browse through Amazon, but I also love to see what stuff I can find on Etsy.  I don’t typically seek out the odd, unsettling, and horrifying, so I’m grateful that the folks at Regretsy will take care of that for me.

I would buy *anything* drawn by Cliff Chiang.  Such a great sense of design and space.  Aquaman?  Yes.  Swamp Thing?  Yes.  Barbara Gordon reshelving library books?  Hell yes.

Scott Morse and Skottie Young have joined forces to create a new sketch blog – SkottieScott.  It’s just beginning but I have very high expectations.

Friday Night Linkblogging

May 28, 2010

So, what’s happening in the wonderful world that you might have missed?

I don’t follow Fringe, but I’m impressed by geek credentials of the writers/producers when they used a series of alternate covers for some of DC’s most famous issues for their alternate timeline finale.  Review the whole set at Geekosystem.

Thank you Maris Wicks for introducing me to SuperPoopers.

Laura Hudson has done some terrific interviews recently, but this one with Colleen Coover is her best yet.  Great stuff on coloring, center of gravity, breaking into comics.  My appreciation for Colleen grows and grows.

Ryan Cody has a good post about the homogeneity (bonus points for SAT vocabulary) of comic book art styles.

A little while ago, I wrote about the Great Darkness Saga, and how complex and difficult it sounded to follow for those unfamiliar with the Legion of Superheros.  Chris Sims tackles the question of where’s the best jumping-on point for new fans.

Archie Comics is teaming up with the Hero Initiative to have 50 original Archie covers on the special edition books.  Previous efforts have involved Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, but so far these Archie covers have been amazing.  The originals will be auctioned off at a later date to benefit Hero, and a book will be published, collecting all 50 covers.  Check out below the terrific Cliff Chiang and the star-in-the-making Ben Dewey covers

Friday Night Linkblogging

May 7, 2010

From Comics Alliance, there is news that Jeff Parker and Steve Leiber are taking their Underground TPB to another publisher.  Or more accurately several publishers.  Sort of.

The same crew also jump on the Cerebus re-examination bandwagon.  Well worth the read.

I confess to being intrigued by the DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains: Fandex Deluxe. Although I suspect the eldest Triplett girl would enjoy this more, I love the design and I’m a sucker for the die-cut.

Tony Harris, best known as the artist of Ex Machina and Starman, is one angry dude.  Makes extremely valid points about the nature of comic book work-for-hire, but really intense.

News of Boom! Studios moving to Haven Distributors didn’t mean much to me until I hear Johanna’s analysis. Should be an interesting couple months of the business side of the comics world.

Got some money burning a hole in your pocket?  Itching to get some new Marvel TBPs?  The good folks at Westfield Comics are having a big sale, and it’s worth taking a peek.

If there was justice in the world, Raina Telgemeier’s Smile would be at the top of Amazon’s Bestsellers.  Pick up a copy today and make things right.

Friday Night Linkblogging

April 30, 2010

Last week, I mentioned the Periodic Table of Comic Books which showed how the real periodic table in used in comics.  And now, thanks to the good folks at Robot 6, I now know about the Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements from illustrator Russell Walks.

Whew.  Moving on to face San Jose in the next round of the playoffs.  But it was nice to see the fans in Phoenix come out and support the Coyotes.  I would love to get comments about this article about hockey and female fans.  Great piece on trying to better understand how female hockey fans think and why the game appeals to them.

Unreasonably excited about Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee’s new all-ages Thor series.

Has Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot been out of print? Well, it’s out again regardless from Dark Horse.  A modern and under-appreciated classic.

Easily one of my favorite artists found online is taking commissions again – and at bargain prices.  Check out Doc Shaner’s stuff.

Absolutely love what the crew at CrazySexyGeeks is doing with Tim Gunn.  Laugh out loud funny to hear Tim’s critiques of superhero fashion, particularly his reaction to the mulleted Superman.

Friday Night Linkblogging

April 23, 2010

Hey Marvel – when the heck are you going to give us the Colleen Coover digest we crave with all her great back-up stories?

With the news of million dollar auctions for comics, Nancy Crawley tried to sell off her comic collection with disappointing results.  Any blind optimism that a comic book collector might have should be sufficiently squashed after reading her article.  If not, consider rereading my post earlier this week.

Kudos to the University of Kentucky’s Department of Chemistry for The Periodic Table of Comic Books!  Great concept done by some really smart guys.

Letterer extraordinaire Todd Klein is providing incentives for pledges to his birding team in the The World Series of Birding.

Nothing can make you feel sillier for being a straight guy who reads comic books than Previews for Gays.

Congrats to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for its new site design and continued growth.

With friends like these . . . wow!  For those of you outside of Arizona, welcome to GOP politics.