What Have I Missed – Preacher

February 21, 2011

As an avid reader of ComicTwart, I’m reminded that I have never given Preacher a chance.  Preacher, a 70+ issue comic run from Veritgo, is among the most revered (pun inteneded) and critically acclaimed series that I haven’t tried.

From my understanding, Preacher is about Jesse Custer, who is on the run after killing his whole congregation.  Apparently, Custer is possessed by a supernatural force that rivals God itself.  Custer’s travels take him across the United States trying to find God to help him understand his new-found ability to make people obey his spoken word.

Is it because of the religious context that I haven’t tried it?  Is it the reputation of Ennis for producing some graphically vulgar stuff, even though I liked Hitman in small doses, also written by Ennis.  I’m certainly not prudish, but the plot and character description isn’t enough to convinced me to try it.

The most appealing part of the whole pitch is Custer’s relationships with former girlfriend Tulip O’Hare, who sounds like quite a bad-ass, and Cassidy a hard-drinking Irish vampire.  But can I really invest time in a series that features a story, and more importantly artwork, about a character called Arseface?

So, dear readers, tell me what have I missed?  Is Preacher worth reading?


Friday Night Linkblogging

February 18, 2011

And we’re back!

I love this photographic experiment by Irina Werning.  Genius and hysterical.  My favorite is Benn and Dan.

Could someone tell me how Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic is not one of the best collections of the past year?  His early stuff is a little rough, but later stuff is astonishing.  And fun to read.

If you haven’t already visited the Sequential Swap site, you’re missing out.  “We are an online community connecting people who are much more interested in reading these books than in sticking them in a closet somewhere and forgetting about them.”  And you can find some great stuff.

Sometimes I still go by Mike Wieringo’s site, and browse through his sketches.  I often wonder what treasures Mike Parobeck might have posted if he had his own website.

Terrific Wonder Woman by Jill Thompson (@TheJillThompson)

By far my favorite headline of Valentine’s Day – 20,000 Tons of Pubic Hair Trimmed in Preparation for Valentine’s Day.  God bless the Onion!

Downton Abbey

February 16, 2011

I am a happily married man which means that I have learned to balance my television habits.  It can’t be reruns of Knight Rider and Cop Rock every night apparently.

So in the spirit of fair and balanced television viewing, the Missus and I sat down to watch Downton Abbey.  Originally broadcast on Britain’s ITV and run on PBS in States, the miniseries had the potential of being another stuffy period piece where not much happens to much critical acclaim.

But that’s not true.  It was good.  Really good.  Interesting storyline but even better characters and secondary plot lines.  While I found myself concerned about the future of Downton Abbey (the family estate) and Lady Mary, I was much more interested in the hidden past of Mr. Bates, the career aspirations of Gwen, and pure nastiness of Thomas and O’Brien.  I’m a firmer believer that the hallmark of a good story is the depth and strength of the “supporting” characters.

Lady Sybil

I also harbor not-so-secret crushes on Jessica Brown-Findlay and the ever-charming Elizabeth McGovern.

So despite the overwhelming lack of car crashes, forensic sciences, and gratuitous nudity, it is possible for an American male to watch AND enjoy a British period piece miniseries.

If you want to discretely check it out without ruining your beer-swilling, pro-wrassling fan credentials, you can see more here.

Just like Lazarus . . .

February 13, 2011

So, it’s been a little while but I’m back!  [wait for applause to die down]  Thank you.

Perhaps my ambition got the better of me, or maybe I overestimated just how much time I wanted or could dedicate to a thoughtful blog filled with references to religious stories for which I have little education.  But I’m feeling refreshed and want to give it another try.

I’ll continue to post on Twitter for my briefer thoughts, but here I’ll focus on what I’m reading and watching.  I’m a consumer – I’m not angling to get a comic book published or a screenplay optioned.

In Celebration of the World Cup . . .

June 10, 2010

. . . the Triplett Family presents their favorite futbol moment.

Eyes Bigger than my Brain

June 1, 2010

Like all adults with slightly delayed maturity, I’m fascinated by the wonderful world of video games.  And if I had my druthers, I would spend a good portion of each day immersed in the alternate world my Wii provides.

First, let me set the table here.  Clearly I’m not a hard-core gamer – I own a Wii.  My favorite game of all time is Lego Batman.  If an option, I set the challenge level to easy, because I’m not interested in my score or bragging rights, but moving onto next level.  For me, it’s more about the story and the characters than the fighting, puzzles, or action.  (Very much like my reading preferences.)

As much as I’d love to play Red Dead Redemption or Little Big World as frequently as possible, I just don’t have the time.  I work, have two kids, married, and enjoy having clean clothes.  I think the sense of accomplishment and escapism with video games is palatable, but I can’t find the time.  Sitting on my shelf unopened and unplayed are Sam & Max Season One and Lego Indiana Jones II.

I have not yet fallen prey to a MMPORG, although Lego Universe looks like a blast.

And Marvel’s Superhero Squad has a certain amount of cartoony appeal.  And the eldest Triplett child has given her seal of approval. 

All that said, I’m beyond excited about Lego Harry Potter!  And will probably buy it when released if I don’t get it for Father’s Day.

Friday Night Linkblogging

May 28, 2010

So, what’s happening in the wonderful world that you might have missed?

I don’t follow Fringe, but I’m impressed by geek credentials of the writers/producers when they used a series of alternate covers for some of DC’s most famous issues for their alternate timeline finale.  Review the whole set at Geekosystem.

Thank you Maris Wicks for introducing me to SuperPoopers.

Laura Hudson has done some terrific interviews recently, but this one with Colleen Coover is her best yet.  Great stuff on coloring, center of gravity, breaking into comics.  My appreciation for Colleen grows and grows.

Ryan Cody has a good post about the homogeneity (bonus points for SAT vocabulary) of comic book art styles.

A little while ago, I wrote about the Great Darkness Saga, and how complex and difficult it sounded to follow for those unfamiliar with the Legion of Superheros.  Chris Sims tackles the question of where’s the best jumping-on point for new fans.

Archie Comics is teaming up with the Hero Initiative to have 50 original Archie covers on the special edition books.  Previous efforts have involved Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, but so far these Archie covers have been amazing.  The originals will be auctioned off at a later date to benefit Hero, and a book will be published, collecting all 50 covers.  Check out below the terrific Cliff Chiang and the star-in-the-making Ben Dewey covers