Amazon Binge!!!

February 23, 2011

Hooper was apparently a very good boy this past holiday season, and received a mess of Amazon gift cards opposed to my usual selection of carbon-based fossil fuels.  Yea for generous family members who still can’t quite make sense of me yet!

So, this allowed me to actualize one of my simple dreams – binging at Amazon.  After weeks of comparison shopping, weighing relative availability, and driving the Missus crazy, I ended up ordering:

Each title is something I’ve been wanting to try and I know enough about the creators to minimize the risk of getting some unpolished turd.  But obviously didn’t know enough at the time of release to snatch them up when they came out.

So, dear readers – which should I start with?

(I also bought Jack Staff, Vol. 2 – Solidiers and Sleeper, Vol. 2 – All False Moves but I’ll save those for a longer review for them and previous volumes.)


Shopping Cart – April

April 7, 2010

Let’s take a peek in the Triplett monthly shopping cart for Discount Book Comic Service.

Again, I’m always surprised by my purchasing habits – much more deliberate, and less impulsive.  And frankly cheaper.

  • Comics Book Comics #5 – the long awaited conclusion from the geniuses from Action Philosophers
  • Muppet Show #7 and Incredibles #11 – the best kids line in comics at Boom!
  • Tiny Titans #29 – the best kids title anywhere
  • World of Jack Staff #5 – Would love to see this come out regularly, but I’d prefer to read it in TPB.
  • Secret Warriors #17 – We become a victim of too many titles, but hanging on for now.
  • Atlas #2 – Love the original series, and think the team and writing is top notch.
  • X-Factor Forever #4 – the reminiscence highway continues
  • Zatanna #2 with Bolland Cover – I think this is going to be fun and couldn’t resist a Brian Bolland cover
  • Madame Xanadu #24 – keeps chugging along with innovative art and stories
  • Her-oes #3 – optimistic
  • Lockjaw and Pet Avengers Unleashed #4 – miniseries conclusion of a fun series
  • Doc Savage #3 – hoping it won’t suck
  • Spirit #3 – skeptical and buying for now
  • Turf #3 – Sucker for Tommy Lee Edward art
  • Stumptown #4 – delayed but I suspect a very satisfying conclusion to this PI tale by Greg Rucka
  • Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 – Easily the title I’m most eager to read
  • Avengers Academy #1 – essentially Teen Avengers but I like these types of books
  • Heralds #1-5 – a new limited weekly series from Kathy Immonen with all female heroes
  • SHIELD #2 – Really looking forward to this – holds much more interest than Batman’s travel through time
  • Young Allies #1 – Another rebirth-type of team – worth a try
  • X-Campus #1 – have been hearing about this European version for a while, and I’m eager to read it

Shopping Cart – March

March 24, 2010

As much as the Triplett clan loves to support local businesses, I don’t regularly use a local comic shop for our comic purchases.  I buy from the folks at Discount Book Comic Service – always good service, great prices, and an easy-to-use ordering site.  One of the best things about ordering your comics online each month is the ability to avoid the impulse purchase.  I order what I want, and don’t get seduced by the latest flashy multipart crossover variant cover mini-series.

And I’ve begun to notice some trends in my buying.  Check out what I ordered for March . . .

Zatanna #1
Girl Comics #3
Atlas #1
Tiny Titans #28
Lockjaw and Pet Avengers #3
Madame Xanadu #23
Secret Warriors #16
Turf #2
Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1
Incredibles #10
Muppet Show #6
Doc Savage #2
First Wave #3
Her-oes #2
X-Factor Forever #3

Okay, so obviously I’m following a couple trends – pulp, female heroes, and Boom’s kids titles – but what stands out to me it that the title with the highest issue number is Tiny Titans #28.  Tiny Titans has no continuity burden, but Madame Xanadu does at #23 and Secret Warriors at #16 do.

That’s remarkable.  Most of what I’m buying in singles are miniseries, just starting, or kids’ comics.  I have apparently forsaken the long-form story lines and titles.

And we’re back to the brackets tomorrow!