Friday Night Linkblogging

March 25, 2011

A couple of maybes in the pre-ordering of comics:

  • If Michael Kaluta was drawing the entire series, I’d gobble up the Fearsome Foursome mini from Marvel despite having affinity for none of the characters.
  • And if Chris Giarrrusso was writing and illustrating all of Hulk-Sized Mini-Hulks, that’d be on the buy list.
  • I’m lacking details, but I’m pretty excited about a new Lois Lane title – Lois Lane and the Resistance.  Disappointed that its tied to the Flashpoint megacrossover from DC, I’ll take my Lois however I can get her.

I mentioned missing out on the first wave of Ryan Dunleavy’s Ten Buck Commissions, and I did again! Now waiting for wave three.

Last year I started out with my own version of an NCAA bracket of Superheroes and Villains.  It was a ton of work!  So this year, I’m leaving the heavy lifting to our friends at Comic Book Resources.

Very excited about the news of a new creative team for Daredevil – Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, and Marcos Martin.  As Waid described it – this Daredevil won’t drive you to drink.  I’d buy anything done by Marcos and Waid is a top notch writer.  Rivera is always solid and has one of the best blogs about process out there –

Loving Colleen Coover’s classic and mod Wonder Women.

Meat is Murder – 25 years old?!

February 27, 2010

Allow me to date myself by expressing utter shock that the Smith’s Meat is Murder is 25 years old.

Is it too bold to call it Meat is Murder a seminal album?

Every morning going to high school, my friends and I would listen to one of two songs.  Our morning anthems were Now Soon is Now from Meat is Murder, and Institutionalized by the Suicidal Tendencies.  Just a little pick-me-up each morning before getting educated.

Gaze upon the slinky visage of Morrissey and marvel at how good they sounded – 25 years ago.