What Have I Missed – Preacher

As an avid reader of ComicTwart, I’m reminded that I have never given Preacher a chance.  Preacher, a 70+ issue comic run from Veritgo, is among the most revered (pun inteneded) and critically acclaimed series that I haven’t tried.

From my understanding, Preacher is about Jesse Custer, who is on the run after killing his whole congregation.  Apparently, Custer is possessed by a supernatural force that rivals God itself.  Custer’s travels take him across the United States trying to find God to help him understand his new-found ability to make people obey his spoken word.

Is it because of the religious context that I haven’t tried it?  Is it the reputation of Ennis for producing some graphically vulgar stuff, even though I liked Hitman in small doses, also written by Ennis.  I’m certainly not prudish, but the plot and character description isn’t enough to convinced me to try it.

The most appealing part of the whole pitch is Custer’s relationships with former girlfriend Tulip O’Hare, who sounds like quite a bad-ass, and Cassidy a hard-drinking Irish vampire.  But can I really invest time in a series that features a story, and more importantly artwork, about a character called Arseface?

So, dear readers, tell me what have I missed?  Is Preacher worth reading?


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