Friday Night Linkblogging

And we’re back!

I love this photographic experiment by Irina Werning.  Genius and hysterical.  My favorite is Benn and Dan.

Could someone tell me how Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic is not one of the best collections of the past year?  His early stuff is a little rough, but later stuff is astonishing.  And fun to read.

If you haven’t already visited the Sequential Swap site, you’re missing out.  “We are an online community connecting people who are much more interested in reading these books than in sticking them in a closet somewhere and forgetting about them.”  And you can find some great stuff.

Sometimes I still go by Mike Wieringo’s site, and browse through his sketches.  I often wonder what treasures Mike Parobeck might have posted if he had his own website.

Terrific Wonder Woman by Jill Thompson (@TheJillThompson)

By far my favorite headline of Valentine’s Day – 20,000 Tons of Pubic Hair Trimmed in Preparation for Valentine’s Day.  God bless the Onion!


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