Downton Abbey

I am a happily married man which means that I have learned to balance my television habits.  It can’t be reruns of Knight Rider and Cop Rock every night apparently.

So in the spirit of fair and balanced television viewing, the Missus and I sat down to watch Downton Abbey.  Originally broadcast on Britain’s ITV and run on PBS in States, the miniseries had the potential of being another stuffy period piece where not much happens to much critical acclaim.

But that’s not true.  It was good.  Really good.  Interesting storyline but even better characters and secondary plot lines.  While I found myself concerned about the future of Downton Abbey (the family estate) and Lady Mary, I was much more interested in the hidden past of Mr. Bates, the career aspirations of Gwen, and pure nastiness of Thomas and O’Brien.  I’m a firmer believer that the hallmark of a good story is the depth and strength of the “supporting” characters.

Lady Sybil

I also harbor not-so-secret crushes on Jessica Brown-Findlay and the ever-charming Elizabeth McGovern.

So despite the overwhelming lack of car crashes, forensic sciences, and gratuitous nudity, it is possible for an American male to watch AND enjoy a British period piece miniseries.

If you want to discretely check it out without ruining your beer-swilling, pro-wrassling fan credentials, you can see more here.


One Response to Downton Abbey

  1. blada says:

    We both enjoyed it too. It was our Valentine “Chick Flick” series together! Brent & Lisa

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