Shopping Cart – May

Let’s take a peek at the highlight of the Triplett monthly shopping cart for Discount Book Comic Service.

For kids (and me!):

EX MACHINA #50 / The end of another thoughtful and satisfying series.  What next BKV?

ZATANNA #3 / Okay, I admit it.  I’m paying extra for the Bolland covers.  And they’re worth it to me.

FIRST WAVE #4 (OF 6) / Yikes – the first issue of Doc Savage was pretty stinky.  But I’m staying with First Wave and SPIRIT #4

In fact I would say TURF #4 and TOM STRONG AND THE ROBOTS OF DOOM #2 (OF 6) may be the best options for my pulp fix this month.

HER-OES #4 / Not high literature, but I thought it was fun and I think this is the first serialized story that the eldest Triplett girl has really gotten into.

RICHARD STARK’S PARKER MAN WITH GETAWAY FACE / For crying out loud it’s a bargain and absolutely certain to be stunning.  I think I just gave myself goosebumps.

SCARLET #1 / You get one chance Bendis.  I still think Alias is the best work you’ve done, and if this is close to that, and not the more common decompressed storytelling we’ve seen, then I’ll be happy and continue to buy.

GORILLA MAN #1 (OF 3) / As long as Jeff Parker keeps writing about the Atlas crew, I’m buying it.  Talking gorilla > internal combustion engine.


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