Friday Night Linkblogging

From Comics Alliance, there is news that Jeff Parker and Steve Leiber are taking their Underground TPB to another publisher.  Or more accurately several publishers.  Sort of.

The same crew also jump on the Cerebus re-examination bandwagon.  Well worth the read.

I confess to being intrigued by the DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains: Fandex Deluxe. Although I suspect the eldest Triplett girl would enjoy this more, I love the design and I’m a sucker for the die-cut.

Tony Harris, best known as the artist of Ex Machina and Starman, is one angry dude.  Makes extremely valid points about the nature of comic book work-for-hire, but really intense.

News of Boom! Studios moving to Haven Distributors didn’t mean much to me until I hear Johanna’s analysis. Should be an interesting couple months of the business side of the comics world.

Got some money burning a hole in your pocket?  Itching to get some new Marvel TBPs?  The good folks at Westfield Comics are having a big sale, and it’s worth taking a peek.

If there was justice in the world, Raina Telgemeier’s Smile would be at the top of Amazon’s Bestsellers.  Pick up a copy today and make things right.


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