FCBD Review by the Triplett Progeny

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, and the Triplett kids (and Dad) were able to sample at least some of the offerings.  Among the anticipated favorites were Owly and Friends, Toy Story, and Archie.  I thought Mouse Guard might pique the 9-year’s old.

But to my surprise the hit of the day – the John Stanley sampler.  Melvin the Monster, Little Lulu, Nancy, Tubby.  From the 1950’s.  That John Stanley.  Who would have thought that would be the favorite of two relatively discriminating young women?

I thought the gags would be too simple, the characters too plain, and the faux-yellowed paper too old.  They’d want something new, loud, splashy, colorful.

But no.  They wanted good solid storytelling, a clean layout, characters they could relate to, and humor not at the somebody’s expense.  And it wasn’t just because the comic was free either.  The oldest sat down and started to read Giant Size Little Lulu Volume 1 in the store.  I think this is what they mean by a “gateway comic,” right?

Don’t get me wrong – they enjoy the DC Kids sampler, laughed at Johnny Boo, and had lots questions about Archie’s girlfriends.  But for now, we have a new contender for favorite comic title.


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