Friday Night Linkblogging

Last week, I mentioned the Periodic Table of Comic Books which showed how the real periodic table in used in comics.  And now, thanks to the good folks at Robot 6, I now know about the Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements from illustrator Russell Walks.

Whew.  Moving on to face San Jose in the next round of the playoffs.  But it was nice to see the fans in Phoenix come out and support the Coyotes.  I would love to get comments about this article about hockey and female fans.  Great piece on trying to better understand how female hockey fans think and why the game appeals to them.

Unreasonably excited about Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee’s new all-ages Thor series.

Has Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot been out of print? Well, it’s out again regardless from Dark Horse.  A modern and under-appreciated classic.

Easily one of my favorite artists found online is taking commissions again – and at bargain prices.  Check out Doc Shaner’s stuff.

Absolutely love what the crew at CrazySexyGeeks is doing with Tim Gunn.  Laugh out loud funny to hear Tim’s critiques of superhero fashion, particularly his reaction to the mulleted Superman.


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