Friday Night Linkblogging

Hey Marvel – when the heck are you going to give us the Colleen Coover digest we crave with all her great back-up stories?

With the news of million dollar auctions for comics, Nancy Crawley tried to sell off her comic collection with disappointing results.  Any blind optimism that a comic book collector might have should be sufficiently squashed after reading her article.  If not, consider rereading my post earlier this week.

Kudos to the University of Kentucky’s Department of Chemistry for The Periodic Table of Comic Books!  Great concept done by some really smart guys.

Letterer extraordinaire Todd Klein is providing incentives for pledges to his birding team in the The World Series of Birding.

Nothing can make you feel sillier for being a straight guy who reads comic books than Previews for Gays.

Congrats to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for its new site design and continued growth.

With friends like these . . . wow!  For those of you outside of Arizona, welcome to GOP politics. 


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