Friday Night Linkblogging

As a long time fan of collected editions of comics, I wholeheartedly support the efforts of Sequential Swap.  A collective of readers, not collectors, exchange their trade paperbacks with each other.  A great way to try out something new with a minimal amount of risk.

I once found a book of paper art by Christos Kondeatis, that allowed you to make amazing DC Comics masks.  Unfortunately, the Triplett clan is not known for its crafty ways, and the book eventually triggered long-dormant memories of trying to apply decals to Snap-Rite models.  Anyway, the ridiculously talented Xavier Leo Gale-Sides has a blog of paper superheroes that comes tantalizingly close to making me want to try again.  Just look at that Beast!

I mentioned ComicTwart a while ago, and that group continues to pump out the good stuff.  From there I’ve become a big fan of Francesco Francavilla and his Pulp Sunday blog.  Great stuff and creativity.

Just amazed at the art and juxtaposition of images in this Tibetan artists take on superheroes.  I suspect some might find it blasphemous.

New favorite site?  Comic Book Cartography. I think many/most/all comic book fans have an appreciation for maps and diagrams, as they are another graphical representation of a story.  I remember buying the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #15 just for the schematics.  Was always a fan of the building cutaways they used in comics to show how Batman could have a boat, helicopter, and motorcycle in a cave without asphyxiating, and this site has a wonderful collection of those and so much more.

I’m a regular reader of PostModernBarney, but I wanted to link to a recent post about Dr. Who’s companion, Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan.  I confess to knowing little to nothing about Dr. Who, but Dorian, as the go-to expert on all matters Who, quickly deflates complaints that the newest companion being “too sexy.”  In addition to wanting to compliment Dorian for his work, it’s a terrific opportunity to lure search engines with pictures.


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