Shopping Cart – April

Let’s take a peek in the Triplett monthly shopping cart for Discount Book Comic Service.

Again, I’m always surprised by my purchasing habits – much more deliberate, and less impulsive.  And frankly cheaper.

  • Comics Book Comics #5 – the long awaited conclusion from the geniuses from Action Philosophers
  • Muppet Show #7 and Incredibles #11 – the best kids line in comics at Boom!
  • Tiny Titans #29 – the best kids title anywhere
  • World of Jack Staff #5 – Would love to see this come out regularly, but I’d prefer to read it in TPB.
  • Secret Warriors #17 – We become a victim of too many titles, but hanging on for now.
  • Atlas #2 – Love the original series, and think the team and writing is top notch.
  • X-Factor Forever #4 – the reminiscence highway continues
  • Zatanna #2 with Bolland Cover – I think this is going to be fun and couldn’t resist a Brian Bolland cover
  • Madame Xanadu #24 – keeps chugging along with innovative art and stories
  • Her-oes #3 – optimistic
  • Lockjaw and Pet Avengers Unleashed #4 – miniseries conclusion of a fun series
  • Doc Savage #3 – hoping it won’t suck
  • Spirit #3 – skeptical and buying for now
  • Turf #3 – Sucker for Tommy Lee Edward art
  • Stumptown #4 – delayed but I suspect a very satisfying conclusion to this PI tale by Greg Rucka
  • Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 – Easily the title I’m most eager to read
  • Avengers Academy #1 – essentially Teen Avengers but I like these types of books
  • Heralds #1-5 – a new limited weekly series from Kathy Immonen with all female heroes
  • SHIELD #2 – Really looking forward to this – holds much more interest than Batman’s travel through time
  • Young Allies #1 – Another rebirth-type of team – worth a try
  • X-Campus #1 – have been hearing about this European version for a while, and I’m eager to read it

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