March Madness – Postmortem

Thanks to everybody for hanging in there with the inaugural Half Eaten Sandwich Single-Elimination Tournament of 64 of our Favorite Comic Book Heroes and Villains, or the HESSET64FCBHV.

Some lessons learned:

  • That was a lot of work!  I have some new-found respect for writers in trying to come up with clever and novel storylines despite the repetition of a scenario.
  • I admit to having my favorites but I had no idea how each contest would turn out.
  • I had originally planned on doing a poll to determine the winners, but I just couldn’t get enough interest/readers.  Maybe next year?
  • But, there is no way we’re doing this again if the NCAA expands the field to 96 teams!

Back to our normal stuff over the next couple weeks.

One Response to March Madness – Postmortem

  1. […] Last year I started out with my own version of an NCAA bracket of Superheroes and Villains.  It was a ton of work!  So this year, I’m leaving the heavy lifting to our friends at Comic Book Resources. […]

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