March Madness – Championship

And we’re at the end of the road for the HESSET64FCBHV, or March Madness as the sequential-art-loving-challenged folk call it.  Let’s check out this final match.

DC’s Superman from the Hero Bracket and Marvel’s Cassandra Nova in Magneto’s body from the Villain Bracket met for the first and likely last time.  The match revealed a few surprising things, first and foremost Cassandra Nova is a Alan Moore fan.  Drawing inspiration from the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons classic story, For the Man Who Has Everything, the physic symbiote created her own version of Black Mercy sending Kal-El into dream world where he is content, comfortable, and average.

Cassandra Nova did not count on the Big Blue Boy Scout having any mental defense against her attack.  But Superman has telepathic control and the ability to psionically block intrusions.  We’re not making this stuff up!  This is real fictional stuff – look it up!

So Cassandra Nova was thwarted by Supes’ long-forgotten superpower, and sat physically vulnerable.  A firm dope slap sent Cassandra/Magneto flying, and Superman enjoyed a victory circumnavigation.

Superman - Champion of the 2010 HESSET64FCBHV

Holy crap – we’re finished.  Want to read a highly self-critical evaluation of HESSET64FCBHV?  Tune in tomorrow!


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