March Madness – Final Four

Welcome back to the Final Four of HESSET64FCBHV, or March Madness as the calendar-challenged folk call it.  Let’s check out this round’s results.

DC’s Superman and Marvel’s Black Bolt meet for the Hero Championship.  Rather than stand toe-to-toe with the Inhuman, Kal-El took him upward and into the rarefied air of space.  The lack of atmosphere removed Black Bolt’s most potent weapon as his voice was silenced.  Black Bolt was able to best Iron Man by manipulating matter and  jamming frequencies, but Superman relied on none of that.  It turned into a wrestling match, as Black Bolt tried to escape and return to Earth while Superman used a variety of holds and locks to keep Black Bolt occupied.  As time expired Black Bolt tried one last ditch effort – channeling all his remaining energy into one arm for a single punch called the Master Blow.  The punch caught Superman by surprise, and the drained and tired Black Bolt was able to escape but could not get enough distance between them before Kal-El was able to recover.  Victory goes to the Kryptonian, but will he face another former resident of Krypton in the final battle?

Marvel’s Magneto and DC’s Brainiac knocked heads for the Villain Championship.  Magneto quickly realized that Brainiac had formed a silicon-based body, making his metal manipulating powers ineffectual.  In what appears to be a lopsided battle, each Magneto attack was defensed and each defense was countered by Brainiac.  And just when Brainiac looked to have the overwhelming advantage, Magneto smiled a wicked, knowing smile.  From out of his mouth came a voice not his – rather Cassandra Nova.  Apparently before Magneto was able to defeat Cassandra Nova she transferred her symbiotic self into Magneto.  Brainaic had prepared meticulously for Magneto but the sudden change left him unequipped to handle the mental and psychic attacks of Nova.  Cassandra quickly overtook Brainiac and the android is dismantled in the blink of an eye.

Check in tomorrow for the Championship Game of HESSET64FCBHV!


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