Shopping Cart – March

As much as the Triplett clan loves to support local businesses, I don’t regularly use a local comic shop for our comic purchases.  I buy from the folks at Discount Book Comic Service – always good service, great prices, and an easy-to-use ordering site.  One of the best things about ordering your comics online each month is the ability to avoid the impulse purchase.  I order what I want, and don’t get seduced by the latest flashy multipart crossover variant cover mini-series.

And I’ve begun to notice some trends in my buying.  Check out what I ordered for March . . .

Zatanna #1
Girl Comics #3
Atlas #1
Tiny Titans #28
Lockjaw and Pet Avengers #3
Madame Xanadu #23
Secret Warriors #16
Turf #2
Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1
Incredibles #10
Muppet Show #6
Doc Savage #2
First Wave #3
Her-oes #2
X-Factor Forever #3

Okay, so obviously I’m following a couple trends – pulp, female heroes, and Boom’s kids titles – but what stands out to me it that the title with the highest issue number is Tiny Titans #28.  Tiny Titans has no continuity burden, but Madame Xanadu does at #23 and Secret Warriors at #16 do.

That’s remarkable.  Most of what I’m buying in singles are miniseries, just starting, or kids’ comics.  I have apparently forsaken the long-form story lines and titles.

And we’re back to the brackets tomorrow!


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