Odds and Ends

Getting geared up for HESSET64FCBHV (March Madness – whatever), so we don’t have much time to dedicate to original thinking.

Bought and reading Love and Rockets Library: Maggie the Mechanic – and I’m loving it.  Just for the art, it’s worth the purchase.  Amazing black and white work – a real revelation.

Was thinking about the Amazon pricing debacle (it appears that all the pulled titles are back), and remembered that I got Maggie the Mechanic and Fantastic Four Vol. 3 for a pittance from Things from Another World during last month’s progressive sale.

I don’t hold anything against fans of Twilight, and frankly those reading superhero comics have no right to a moral high ground.  But the Twilight manga looks very poorly done.  Not a good introduction to what the art form is capable for the uninitiated.

Perhaps I speak blasphemy about Batman fans, but I wasn’t wildly excited about Batman Beyond.  And news from Seattle of a new Batman Beyond miniseries inspired no excitement, especially with the preview image.  What I enjoyed most about Batman Beyond, beside the exceptional introduction sequence (Darwyn Cooke’s handiwork?), was the angular style.  Terry McGinnis looked young and agile, not like your typical overinflated superhero.  The art style lent itself to creating some great visuals like the villain Inque.

Check back tomorrow for the results of our first round contests!


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