March Madness – Heroes Bracket

Yesterday we introduced the villains half of the inaugural Half Eaten Sandwich Single-Elimination Tournament of 64 of our Favorite Comic Book Heroes and Villains, or the HESSET64FCBHV.  Frankly, it’s our version of March Madness but for comic book geeks.  And today we unveil the 32 superheroes competing.

Again, we’re keeping it simple this year – just Marvel and DC (although I’d love to see Hellboy crush Deadpool).  And no all-powerful god-like entities like Thor, Odin, Highfather, etc. – just classic bad guys and good guys.

So here are the 32 superheroes for your consideration!  The winner of this half will face the villainous winner of the second half.

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Again, the DC bracket looks pretty reliable and stable with Superman as the #1 seed and Batman as the #2.

The most intriguing first round match-up is Batman and Oracle – once master and student.

The popular underdog is Atom at #10, but if he’s able to get past Captain Marvel he will likely run into Batman in the second round.

Again, barring major upsets, it looks to be a smooth path to the Final Four for either Superman or Batman, although Batman’s path to the Great Eight is going to be much more rough than Kal El’s.

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Just like the Marvel Villain bracket, the hero bracket is full of surprises.

This section’s surprise #1 seed is Black Bolt – not Captain America, Hulk, or Wolverine.  While any number of viable candidates could have been the #1 seed, the silent Inhuman takes the top spot.

A battle of heroines is the marque match in the first round as Sue Storm takes on Emma Frost.  Although The Thing (#10) is frequently considered the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four, the seeding committee appears to hold the Invisible Woman’s power in higher regard.

The other two intriguing pairings are Hulk and Spider-Man (a classic match of strength and agility), and Storm and Daredevil, where Storm may be able to confound Daredevil’s supersenses rendering him blind – again.

And Deadpool is the 16th seed, as Marvel has a contractual obligation to include him in everything now.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Favorites?

Come back tomorrow for our the first contests!


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