What Have I Missed – X-Men

Back when Hooper was just a young pup you either read New Teen Titans, the X-Men, or Love & Rockets.  Not being cool, the decision was between Teen Titans or X-Men.  I applied what seemed like the best logic at the time – I picked the one with the fewest issues out so I could get the back issues more easily.

I don’t regret the decision, since I got to read the Judas Contract as it unfolded (leading to my first and most significant comics heartbreak).  But I clearly missed out on one of the seminal runs in modern comics – Claremont/Byrne X-Men.

As I grew older and had more financial resources, I went back and bought nearly all of that X-Men run.  Terrific melodrama and plots, social commentary, unique characters (at the time), and a series of unparalleled artists such as John Byrne, Paul Smith, Art Adams, Alan Davis, John Romita Jr.

Somewhere along the way the X-Men began to lose steam for me.  The plots seemed rehashed, and the characters redundant.  Just big has the Summers clan?  How big was Wolverine’s Team X and why did they need so many pouches?  Who has from the future but returned to the past, and what was their relationship to the current X-Men?  Just how many teams of new/young mutants could you recruit?

But the straw-camel-back-breaker was the belabored and multi-titled crossovers.  The X-Tinction AgendaThe Muir Island SagaX-Cutioner’s SongFatal AttractionsPhalanx Covenant. Age of ApocalypseOnslaught. Operation: Zero Tolerance.  I couldn’t do it any more.  I might have bought the titles, but I couldn’t keep up.  And after a while of being disconnected I stopped caring.

But how I loved Beast.  And Nightcrawler – I even made a Bamf doll!  I still think Rogue is a great character idea.  The X-Men still has a great skeleton and the potential for great stories are there.

So, all these years later I figure it’s time to discover what I have been missing, and my timing is perfect.  X-Men Second Coming is the next big event with some excellent writers and artists.  The good folks at Discount Comic Book Service gave me a copy of the prologue to whet my appetite, and I’m intrigued.  So, let’s take a look at the checklist:

Prologue: X-Men Second Coming Prepare
Chapter 1: X-Men: Second Coming #1

Chapter 2: Uncanny X-Men #523; Chapter 3: New Mutants #12; Chapter 4: X-Men: Legacy #235;  Chapter 5: X-Force #26; X-Men Second Coming – Revelations: X-Factor #204

Chapter 6: Uncanny X-Men #524; Chapter 7: New Mutants #13; Chapter 8: X-Men: Legacy #236; Chapter 9: X-Force #27;  X-Men Second Coming – Revelations: X-Factor #205; X-Men Second Coming – Revelations: Hellbound #1; X-Men Second Coming – Revelations: Blind Science #1

Chapter 10: Uncanny X-Men #525; Chapter 11: New Mutants #14; Chapter 12: X-Men: Legacy #237; Chapter 13: X-Force #28; X-Men Second Coming – Revelations: X-Factor #206; X-Men Second Coming – Revelations: Hellbound #2
July 2010

Chapter 14: X-Men: Second Coming Finale; X-Men Second Coming – Revelations: Hellbound #3

So I’ll need to read 22 issues across 10 titles over 5 months to get up to speed?




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