Friday Night Linkblogging

The good-looking people at Comics Worth Reading reviewed Modern Masters: Chris Sprouse and it reminded me just how much I enjoy the Modern Masters series from TwoMorrows Publishing.  Modern Masters is a career retrospective/lengthy interview with artists about their work.  Tons of unpublished or process pieces included, and a great vehicle to learn about the personality behind some terrific artistic skill.  I particularly enjoyed the Alan Davis and Art Adams editions, and I am eagerly awaiting the delayed Darwyn Cooke issue.  And yes, Johanna – I agree with you.  A volume on a female creator is overdue.  My vote is for Jill Thompson.

Do you remember these adorable little guys that came out from DC?  Came with two silver-age styled figures (with very little articulation) and a diorama card?  No?  Check out Joe Acevado’s DC Pocket Super Heroes Archive.

Does anybody use ComicSpace still?

I wish I was Randy Saitta.  I mentioned my fondness for the Shadow, and Randy has the most amazing collection of commissioned Batman and Shadow covers.  He even has his own Kaluta logo!  Just look at this piece by Kevin Nowlan – wow.

And if you’re not a daily visitor to Kevin Nowlan’s site, you’re missing out.

Hooper’s Pick for Talent Deserving More Recognition – Evan “Doc” Shaner.

Of the ten Best Picture nominees, I’ve only seen District 9, Inglourious Basterds, and Up.  Just I’m the one person who hasn’t seen Avatar yet.


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