Covers – Mike Wieringo

Let’s be honest – a good cover is the tipping point when deciding to buy a comic book.  Publishers and editors have known this since time eternal, and nobody understood it better than Shelly Moldoff and his monkeys.  So like all comic book fans, I have my favorites.  While I certainly am not a pretender to the throne, as Bully still does the best cover collecting with his Ten of a Kind, I do welcome the opportunity to share some Hooper-deemed classics.

One of my favorite artists is Mike Wieringo, an astounding artist who died unexpectedly in 2007 at the age of 44.  By all accounts Mike was not only talented but one of the genuinely good guys.  I lack the artistic vocabulary to appropriately describe what appeals so much to me about Mike’s work.  While not hyper-realistic, his characters looked alive and infused with humanity.  His heroes were heroic, and perhaps he best captured what I thought they should look like.

Ed McGuinness’s Superman is terrific, but he looks overinflated – Mike’s Superman is big, powerful, but you could still see Clark.

Flash ( heck, the whole Flash family!) looks lithe and quick.  And each person looks unique – different physiques, different faces, different postures.

Children look like kids, not miniature adults.

And his women could be beautiful, feminine and powerful without being scantily clad or posed in spine-twisting revealing poses.

And there was humor.

Thanks to the good folks at Cover Browser and GCD for images.


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