Friday Night Linkblogging

The good people of Periscope Studios (home of favorites like Colleen Coover, Erika Moen, Jeff Parker, Karl Kesel, Paul Tobin, and Steve Lieber) now have an Etsy page selling sketches.  And lo and behold they have a Colleen Coover Batgirl/Batmite sketch up!  Might need to break open the Batman bank to see if I can afford that.

Super talented Francesco Francavilla is continuing his Super Olympics series, and this time he has captured the glory of (wo)man’s greatest sport – hockey.  Someday I’ll need to share my Maris Wicks hockey commission.

Although I consider myself more of a Letterman guy, the tweets of the newly twitterfied Conan O’Brien are very funny.

Much to my joy, one of my favorite comics sites of all time is back and better than ever – Project Rooftop!  Artists contribute their vision for superhero costumes and fashion, and some of the art and ideas are outstanding.  If not for my total lack of artistic ability, I would dream one day of being a contributor.

I’ve already talked about my embarrassment regarding Love & Rockets, and Sadie Mattox has a ponder-producing piece about the comics we should have read, but haven’t yet and we’re afraid to admit.  My list would also include Jimmy Corrigan, Fun Home, Black Hole, and Blankets.

And for those of you who prefer their books more book-like, you have to check out The Book Archive.  This site is proof-positive that you absolutely can judge a book by its cover.


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