What have I missed – Love & Rockets

I like comic books – a lot.  And while I’ve grown weary of superheroes, there are so many great talents and titles out there that I think comics are slowly experiencing a renaissance of sorts.  Over time, I’ll talk about some of my ongoing favorites (both publications and people), but indulge my reminiscence.

During the 1980’s, there was a surge of black and white alt comics, and the leader of the pack was Love & Rockets by brothers Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez.  It was smart, clever, and sexy.  And I’ve never read an issue.

Over at Heidi McDonald’s new Beat, there is news of Art of Jaime Hernandez getting published in April which got me thinking – why haven’t I tried Love & Rockets before now?  Was I turned off by the black and white printing?  Was I intimidated by the overt sexuality of the characters and storylines?  Could I not relate to the characters culturally?
How could I resist this?

Looking back now I wonder what part of my brain saw this and thought “Eh”?  The energy, detail, dynamism – what have I missed?

So, wise readers – fill me in.  What do you think of Love & Rockets?


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